Our Schools

With help from a grant from the Ray and Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust and donations from many friends, a school building outside of Saut d’ Eau was constructed in 2007.

The connections in Saut d Eau led to another pastor who had a school and orphanage in Mirabalais. This orphanage had 20 children. The orphans were sleeping on the gravel in a makeshift tent or on a cement slab under a tarp. This slab also functioned as a school for 100 children during the day. Again, God opened the way for money to be provided and a dormitory/school building was built in Mirebalais in 2008.

Then came the third school in Desarmes. This pastor had over 200 children attending school that was made out of large tarps. Len started raising money for a school building and then the earthquake of 2010 happened. The pastor in Desarmes found himself with 90 orphans that were relocated from Port-au-Prince. The money for the schools was used to buy land and build dormitories to house the children.

Marche Canard is the fourth school supported by S4H. Len met a young man who had been unable to attend school as a child because of poverty, he had finally started his schooling at age 15. Len started supporting his education all the way through high school. It was the young man’s desire to open a school in the area where he lived. This school provides free education for children like him that otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend school.

The Pastors make sure the children receive a Christian education. The children attending school also receive a meal to help meet their physical needs. Through S4H, children’s physical needs as well as educational and spiritual needs are being met. Len’s belief was that no child should be left out because of poverty.

As of today there are almost 1000 students in the four schools. There are four principals, 28 teachers, four cooks, several aids, security guards and directors that are supported by S4H.